Lifestyle Photography Session

(Indoor & Outdoor)

(family, newborns, maternity & couples) 



1-1.5 hour session at a common outdoor location or in your home.

Private online gallery with 70+ images available for download.

Print release with all images.

Life UnRaveled Session

Photo & Film Session

(families, newborn, maternity & couples)



3-4  hour session at a common location or in your home.

Private online gallery with 80+ images available for download.

3 to 5 minute video with live clips and stills put to music.

Print Release for all images.

These sessions are my greatest passion. This 3 to 4 hour session will capture your family's story in both photographs and video. I want this to be more than a photography session for you. I want it to be your way of bottling up your story (right now) and keeping it forever. During our time together, we will do some posed shots-- all together in your home or outdoors. But, a majority of our session will be your real, authentic, bare-boned, true story. I will also ask you to continue on in your daily routine or to plan moments together that you are certain you want to remember--- like reading together in your son's bed, or playing cards beside the fireplace, or bathing your babies and the way the window light danced along their cute little bottoms, or cooking pancakes in the morning light while your daugher sits nearby with her, rocking yesterday's-braids, all as mess from a good night sleep and her mixed matched jammies.  All the while, I ask that you let me come along for the journey and capture the connections and belly laughs along the way. I want my photos  and video to help you remember all the messy little details of your life, love and home. This includes about 100 digital images in an online gallery for you to keep and cherish forever-- as well as a 3 to 5 minute video put to music. These videos are emotional and raw and mean everything to me. I truly believe that every family should invest in one of these sessions at some point in order to keep their memories alive forever.

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